One of the key indicators that Managers and HR Departments look for when building performance based teams is the level of competence a person has in a specific domain.

Sales - as a business function is a very demanding both from the individuals and the organisations point of view. Turn around times are generally very well defined as are performance matrices and parameters.

Developing and mentoring talent therefore becomes crucial. These days organisations want to know upfront what Competence the person brings to the table and which part of the Sales process he/ she would best fit in.. 

The need to understand the capacity of human capital employed is becoming more and more critical in todays world.

The Sales Competence Assessment has been designed to measure the competence level of Sales persons across 18 globally validated Sales Competences supported by a Theory of Mindsets.

What makes the instrument dynamic besides that fact there are 3 versions of the report that can be generated- a recruitment report, a development report and a report for the manager too; is that there are some really unique parameters like an "Excuse Index"

Multiperson reports to assess the comptence levels of teams enable Managers and Business Heads to get an overall picture that helps to identify the core strengths of the team and also develop a specific Training Need Analysis.

Measurement of Competence >> Identification of Development Needs>>Specific Training

This gives the opportunity to the organisation and the individual to develop potential in a focussed manner and be able to measure the progress in a well defined time frame

Since this is a comptence based assesment it is easy to map, monitor and measure progress based on a predetermined road map.

We invite you to run a pilot for one of your teams to help them and yourselves get a better idea of the value proposition The Sales Competence Assessment has to offer