All our business associates and clients are special to us. So if you are a user who has found value in the Extended DISC® System and would like to use it as a part of your :

  • Coaching Initiatives
  • Training Workshops
  • Recruitment Consulting
  • Out Bound Specialist
  • Organisational Consulting
  • Project Management Solutions

Or are a Corporate Organisation:

  • Private Limited
  • Public Limited
  • Government Enterprise
  • JV Organisation
  • Export Promotion Council
  • Business or Professional Chamber of Commerce

If you represent a self – employed or professional enterprise

  • A restaurant
  • A nursing home
  • Accounting Firm
  • Design Studio
  • School or College
  • Event Management Organisation
  • Consulting Firm
  • Legal Firm
  • Fashion or Luxury Products House
  • Garment Manufacturer or Exporter
  • Vocational Guidance Institute
  • Career Counselling Services
  • TV or Broadcast Services
  • A restaurant
  • BPO / KPO/ LPO
  • Media Organisation
  • FMCG Organisation
  • Telecom Service Provider
  • Infrastructure Organisation
  • Construction or Realty Chain
  • Pharmaceutical Organisation

We have a special package for your special Human Resource needs. We believe that size shouldn’t come in the way of solutions we can offer to our clients.

For more information on how we can make you a special offer for your business needs, please write to us at