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We help Individuals, Teams & Organisations to understand differences in Behavioural Styles, Skill & Competence Levels, Reasoning & Fluid Intelligence levels

Assessment Solutions

Our suite of psychometric assessments include state of the art tools to map differences in human behaviour using the patented Extended DISC ® Methodology. We also offer tools to measure Competence in specialized business areas like Sales. Our survey platforms can be used for large scale response groups or for gathering opinions of closed knit response groups like an open 360. Additionally organisations can also choose the route of Fluid Intelligence Assessments from a battery of 9 Tests to get an idea into the reasoning skills of the respondents..

Consulting Analysis

We partner with our client organisations at two levels… We help our clients to build competence in-house by training and certifying their HR or Business departments to have the capability to analyse results from different tools on the assessment platform & secondly we offer our expertise through a pool of seasoned professionals from industry, consulting, education and training to work with our client organisations on a project to project basis.

Certifications, Coaching & Debriefing

We also conduct Open Certification Programs on the various assessment tools enabled on our platform. These programs are open to all professionals from HR, Consulting, Coaching, T&D, OD, Recruitment, Business Solutions etc. Our team of empanelled coaches are willing and happy to support any business needs that our client organisations would have. As a part of corporate engagement programs we also conduct online and off line Debrief sessions across all levels in the organisation.

About Us

The Story

Extended DISC ©was founded in 1994 by Jukka Sappinen, an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics who spent his early professional years consulting clients in the use of Psychological tools. A profound understanding of the gap between existing tools and corporate needs enabled Jukka to develop what his clients were looking for: an instrument that combines a range of valuable analyzes, forming a simple, unified system that can be used to generate understandable, integrated information on an individual, team, or entire organization.

To read more… https://www.extendeddisc.in/extended-disc-story/

Why Choose Us?

We bring our passion to make a difference with the experience we have had through a global community of successful initiatives to work with and to make a difference to your assessment and training needs…

▪Blue Ocean approach
▪Keen to make a difference
▪Our tools have high validation & reliability scores
▪We think global but act local

▪We are constantly growing to keep pace with industry needs