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  • Behavioral Analysis Assessments ( Extended DISC )
  • Competence Assessments (Sales)
  • Surveys & Open 360 Assessments
  • Reasoning & Fluid Intelligence Tests
  • Sports Assessment

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Special Engagements

  • Organisational Behavioral Survey
  • Alignment and Fitment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions ( Behavioral Dimensions)
  • High Performance Sports Teams & Sports Persons
  • CSR initiatives 


The starting point of any initiative be it recruitment or talent management is to take stock of the situation. Assessments help you to get an insight into the capacity and potential of the most valuable resource that any organisation can have – Human Resource. The Extended DISC suite of Assessments not only cover areas of Unconscious Behavior and Conscious Behavior but also offer assessment opportunities through Competence measures, Skill Matrices and Analysis of Reasoning Skills. 


This is possibly the most crucial part of the process. Our experts help you with in-depth analysis of the various parameters and how they impact your KPI’s or KRA’s of the respondents. The analysis can be done at various levels- with the main stake holder of the organisation, the team, between teams, at an individual level or in the case of culture based projects, at a macro or alignment level.
A lot of our client organisations also have these capabilities in house and we then play the role of third party experts or external business partners and share our expertise at a perspective level.
We are of course, happy to support client need only upto the level of providing assessment solutions also as a lot of clients have in house Extended DISC Certified Resources.


 Once we have completed the process of Analysis and if mandated as a part of the project we do offer detailed recommendations on both general development areas and specific needs of each individual after going over a debrief session. Our recommendations are based on industry and organisation needs and goals. 
We believe that happy and well adjusted professionals contribute to making their ecosystems more hygienic and meaningful both at a professional level and at a personal level.