Unique Features Sales Assessment

The Sales Competence Assessment also called The Sales Capacity Assessment is an assessment tool designed for the recruitment and development of salespeople.

The assessment revolutionises the way organisations understand their salesforce and provides powerful insights to help in the recruitment and development of salespersons.

Key Features

–          18 Globally Validated Sales Competences

–          A Theory of Mindsets that support the Competences

–          Sales Roles

–          Sales Process

–          Sales Benchmarks

–          Possibility to develop your own benchmarks

–          A new and unique feature called “Excuse Index”


The Suite of  Reports include :  Self Development Reports, Recruitment Reports, Manager Reports & Team Reports

One of the most unique aspects of the Suite of Sales Competence Assessments is that while they do measure specific sales competences and explore mindsets, they can also be read in conjunction with the Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis Assessments via a unique pathway path way of cross referencing competences to behavioural style inventory.

This allows the decision makers to understand not only the competence levels over 18 sales competences but also gives insights into the behavioural dimensions that support the development of specific competences, their capacity utilization in the current situation.